Sunday, July 29, 2007

Body Paint You Up

For years, i have been working on body-paint.... most of it commercial. Great money.. and definitely lotsa fun.

However, lately, i realise that i need to focus on my beautiful gay community instead of the big pie, i feel i have been neglecting them.

Now, this blog is served as an outlet for my beautiful bros who need an alternative elixir to perk up their profiles wherever possible. It doesnt matter if you are a hunk, bamboo, fat or top or whatever the physique or preference may be.

The thing is ... enhance your body with body-paint.. i work both on brushes and airbrush. Unlike other time consuming work like tattoos.. i am using a similar cosmetic body-paint that are used on Cirque Du Soleil.. etc etc. not cheap though.. hmm.. it depends on how much u want to lather youself with.. it could be a headshot, bod, leg, butt.. or simply douse yourself in gold paint.. the choice is yours.. It is water based so you can simply take a shower... unless you want an oil based paint that is water resilient ... good if you want to do a shot inside the pool, shower, monsoon drain, rain and ... have your c*m***.. READY! Eew.. i mean CAMERA... DUDE!.. CHILL OUT MAN! LOL.

One thing is you thing u can get away with poster paint think again... the paint cracks and you will be spotted with pimples the next day and mind u, most poster paints are toxic.. now figure yourself out.. hmm.. it is also harden your face... keh keh keh.. face masque anyone?

Another great thing, you can use your own digital camera that i can take your shot instead of investing on photographer. With years of experience, my angle is not too bad lah.. enough light and kewl set up.. that is all that i need. The painting can be done anywhere.. at home.(house call).. unless u wan to do outdoor or beach.. that requires some logistic.. you bear the cost, baby.

It may take anywhere from 1 hour to few hours depend on complexity of it. We can work on artwork on the spot or liaise through email where i can sketch some look... the latter option is better so that i can figure out the amount of paint and the colours needed.. I dont want to bring the whole shop in my LV...

Think out of the box, . get in tune to your inner wild self and explore. Be it tribal, metallic, fantasy.. or whatever it may be.. have fun.. It give you the additional boost and more hearts to your profile.

Now.. who needs a simple and boring profile if you can add some colours to your bod.. YUMMY!

Enough said.. any queries, juzz buzz me. Starts from S$88.00 for simple head shot or just a dollop of paint on your butt.. ok ok.. unless you want me to carve out 6 pecs! Your own camera, please.

Strictly for MEN, please.

For your appointment,

+65 91080500 RED

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